Brahmins & Devdasi

According to the Ramayana, the Aryans (Brahmins) used to drink liquor (nine different kinds), eat beef, marry many wives and prostitution was an accepted way of life amongst the priests and gods.

“Sura” means alcoholic drink. All the Aryan gods drink “sura” and hence they are called suras as against a suras wo don’t drink. Ravana was an asura. Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy, a great Hindu leader of Tamil Nadu, was a worshipper of Ravan because Ravana was a Dravidian.

Ramanaya also recounts the story of king Dasaratha who, in order to have a baby son, made a big sacrifice (yagam) of sheep, cattle, horses, birds and snakes. He then delivered his three wives Kaushaliya, Sumatirai and Kaikeyi to three priests. These holy men, having fully satisfied their carnal desire, returned the ladies to the king. By this means, the king was able to have three sons-Ram, Lakshman and Bharat (Bala Kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yagam, refer to the book “Gnana Surian”, published by the kudi Arasu Press.)

Does it mean Rama was born to a Brahmin?

The Ramayana tells us much about the unlawful relationship of incest but we do not feel it appropriate or decent for ut to go in details (Please refer to Aranya Kandam, chapter 45 verses 122, 123, 124, & 125).

The following Aryan practices will reveal how immorality and indecency are sanctified in the name of Hinduism.

Lingam and Yoni in Sanskrit means the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed to worship anything – including sexual organs. It is not unknown for them to name their children as Shiva Lingam (God Shiva’s sexual organ) or Rama Lingam (God Rama’s sexual organ), (in some places in Karnataka, the gods demand both male and females to pray naked together).

The Devadasi system was set up, according to a Times of India report (10-11-87), as a result of conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins). The latter, with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a means that gave prostitution their religious sanction. Poor low-caste Hindu girls, initially sold at private auctions, were later “dedicated” to the temples. They were then initiated in to prostitution Even to this day this religious prostitution blessed by Hindu religion is still alive in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The Bharat Natyam is a dance performance which, because of the Brahmin media, has gained much recognition as a form of art. The celebrated Bharat Natya expert, Rukmini Devi, admits in National Geographic video program, that the Barahta Natayam was really the art of Devadasis (temple prostitutes) to please their audience and admirers. This is the reason why you might have seen various Baratha Natyam postures in Hindu temples. May be like the art of KARATE of the Japanese, the BHARAT NATYAM is a national art to the Brahmins and very much part of their culture.

Brahmins has also created Kamasutra – a set of instructions on how to have sexual intercourse. Some of the postures detailed in Kamasutra are so complex that they can only be performed with the help of one or more ASSISTANTS!
Some Hindu temples have stone carvings of Kamasutra sexual poses and Hindus worship them.

UNI. – TIMES OF INDIA – 10th Nov 1987: confirms that the practice of dedication young Harijan (Hindu) girls (Mahars, Mangs, Dowris and Chambhar) at childhood to a goddess, and their initiation into prostitution when they attain puberty continues to thrive in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. This is largely due to social backwardness, poverty and illiteracy, according to a study by two doctors of the India Health Organization.

The report clearly indicates that the Devadasi system was the result of a conspiracy between the feudal class and the priests (Brahmins) who with their ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a practice which acquired religious sanctions. They noted in their study on – “Devadasis” – “the link between religious culture and child prostitution”.

The study revealed that girls from poor Hindu families were sold after puberty at private auctions to a master who initially paid a sum of money to the families ranging from 500 to Rs. 5,000.

The study, made during health camps organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Devadasi populated areas, revealed that the dedicated girls formed 15 percent of the total women involved in prostitution in the country, and as much as 70 percent of the prostitutes in the border districts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.


3 Responses to “Brahmins & Devdasi”

  1. Sanjay onawani Says:

    Religious history of India is heavily corrupted by the Brahmin scholars in an attempt to prove their supremacy over other castes. Few decades ago they were constantly propagating that they were “Aryans” who invaded India, defeated Dasa, Dasyu’s and Asura’s, the local uncultured tribal communities and forced Aryan culture over them. When well planned ancient cities begun to see sunlight after various excavations in Sindhu/Ghaggar Hakra region, first they were shocked, baffled and later on suddenly changed their stance. First they started to state that those were Aryans who destroyed those cities. But when no proof of violent battle in or around the remnants of cities came forward, they started to say that the Sindhu culture was created by Aryans. (Shrikant Talageri is a strong supporter of this hypothesis.)

    Awakening among the common people begun with the spread of education and many scholars and social reformers used the very Aryan theory against Brahmins. “If you are the first invaders of this country, just get out, you have no place on this very land of ours.” The researchers found many instances of killing or maligning of the history of India in which Brahmin’s remained dominant. Even in many cases, such as of Satvahana dynasties, Pandya dynasties, though thee dynasties weren’t ever Brahmin, they declared them as Brahmin. It happened with Great Poet Walmiki and Vyasa too those were non Brahmin’s by birth, but were declared as Brahmins to suit Bramanical propaganda that no great person can take birth in ordinary class (varna). (Saint Ramdas already declared that if anyone from Shudra class is seen valiant or knowledgeable take it that his biological father must be some Brahmin.) Recently the crooked minded Brahmin scholars spread similar rumor about Great King Shivaji.

    However, when Brahmins found that their foreign origin theory is backfiring, they again changed their stance and started saying that they were originally Indians and that they from India spread worldwide spreading Aryan culture and Sanskrit language. The main question remains, whether there really exists Indo-Aryan language group? The answer is negative, but we will deal with this later.

    However there is no proof either in Veda’s or in any ancient so called Aryan scriptures that Aryan ever was a race that migrated to India. Also there are no physical proofs of such invasion.

    Then who were they?

    The word “Arya” appears in Rig Veda 36 times in 34 stanzas. Whenever this word is used it is addressed to the Clan of Sudasa only. Rests of clans, such as Iswaku, Yadu etc. were “Anarya’s” for the Vedic seers.

    “Arya” meant Noble Person. Not a race.

    To trace origins of these Vedic people we have ample proofs available in Veda’s itself.

    Vedics themselves were Das, dasyu and Asuras.

    May be this statement will sound stunning but it is the only fact.

    Aryan invasion theory (AIT) proposes that Aryans invaded India from north and defeated das, Dasyu and Asura’s.

    Fact: In the name of king Sudasa is a very word Das. During the rule of Sudasa veda’s were composed. Now, if Aryans defeated dasa’s how the word Dasa could be attached to his name? (Sudasa means “Good Slave”) The winners despise defeated communities is a global example set from ancient times. If Dasa community was despicable Aryan King wouldn’t have preferred to call himself by this name.

    Sudasa’s fathers name was “Divodasa” again the same “Dasa” in his name.

    Sudasa’s grandfather’s name was “Trasdasyu”.

    Again the same logic. If so called Aryans defeated dasa’s and dasyu’ how come that dasyu word appearing in the list of Aryan kings?


    It is always have been propagated that “Asura” means bad, devilish and demonic. Scholars state that the Puranic wars between Deva and Asura actually depicts wars between aboriginal Indians and Aryans in which Asuras were finally defeated.

    Fact: Tarkatirtha Laxmanshastri Joshi has stated that originally meaning of Asura was entirely opposite. Asura meant valiant lively person. In the course of time the meaning got changed, whether deliberately or not I difficult to say.

    There is no doubt that though Asura’s have been despised by the Purana’s it is clear that Asura society was a strongest one in ancient times. Asura along with Naga, Vanara etc. dwelt in Indian subcontinent and had established their kingdoms in various parts of India.

    And that Vedic’s too originally belonged to Asura clan.


    Rigveda is a solid proof to prove this statement. The greatest God in Veda’s, before rise of Indra was “Asur Varuna”.

    So Varuna was always Asur. Not only Varuna but Agni to whom Vedics revered is called Asur in many Rics. Besides Varuna, Agni there are hoards of deities those are referred as Asura, such as Mitra, Aryama, Bhaga, Aditya, Vansa etc. Even as mother of Indra is also Asur, hence shcholar Malati Shendge had stated that Indra is half Anarya….the greatest God of Vedics!
    Now, by any logic, it cannot be said that so-called Aryans or Vedics defeated Asura, dasas or dasyus as their kings and Gods bear epithets such as Dasa, Dasyu and Asura. No winning race can bear this. So this kills Aryan Invasion theory and proves that:

    Vedic’s originally belonged to Asura clan of whom Das -Dasyus were sub-clans. For political reasons King Sudasa adopted Fire-sacrifice religion on the instance of Rishi Vasishtha. This religion was originally introduced by Bhrugu’s. But as secluded from the same Asura clan (society), Sudasa and his seers couldn’t abandon their ancestral links. Hence Asura, Dasa, Dasyu remained important epithets which had to be obscured in later times when the division was complete. And we can find traces of this course in the Vedas.


    Grandson of Lord Krishna, Aniruddha, married Usha, daughter of Banasur, an Asur King.
    Lord Krishna’s mother belonged to Asur clan.
    Arjuna married Ulupi, a Naga (Asur) princess.
    Bhima married Hidimba, a Raksasa (another optional name for Asura) woman.
    Seer Jaratkaru married a Naga woman, sister of Naga Taksaka, of same name…Jaratkaru.

    There are hundreds of such examples which tell us that Asura clan never was dethroned from their original position nor it was shoved southwards. The Puranik Brahmins in later centuries opened a campaign through Puranik myths composing heinous stories around Auras…that Asuras were bad, demonic, man-eaters, enemy of virtues, devilish and what not. While doing so they forgot they too were Asuras and now too follow their religion…Idol (Shiva-Vishnu) worshipping!

  2. Vedaprakash Says:

    Below are comments on article
    from VedaPrakash
    Place: India

    Zoya Zaidi’s way of expression proves that she wants to strengthen her interpretation, which she had already predetermined to. This is the usual type of western, Christian, communist and muslim research methodology –

    . set result,

    . work on it,

    . suppress the uncomfortable sources or evidences that are against the hypothesis,

    . blow up the insignificants and

    . arrive at the result

    We know in early 50s to 90s, “history” was taken only by the students who could not get any group / branch of his choice. Except some committed and conscious teachers, lecturers and professors, all others used to come and talk stories with the heavy dosage of their personal prejudices. With the rise of job-oriented curriculum, they understood the reality of loosing their career. So they turned to mixing up with all other subjects, colluding with politicians, providing materials to race, caste, sectarian, subversive, anti-national and terrorist groups, and create confusion in print and electronic media.

    Here also, only the “English knowing / speaking” could excel and become ideologues of such vested groups. They floated “History Congress”, “World Archaeology”, “South East Asian Studies” and such other for getting funds from such vested groups, conduct conferences and get due publicity in the media. Whereas, there have been many genuine, unbiased and industrious researchers of history and their papers are ignored or suppressed. And there have been publishers with “big-big names” of international stature to publish only papers / theses of such ideologue-writers. Thus, even the proceedings of the Conferences, seminars and workshops, many times getting funds from Government, follow the same methodology of promoting ideologues and demagogues.

    As the study of “history” has become non-lucrative in the context of money-making IT, they come out with “women studies”, “marginalized people studies”, study of “dalits”, “oppressed and suppressed”, “human-rights”, “gender justice”, “empowerment of…..”, etc. And it becomes easy for “researchers” to take up these topics, collect data here and there, make “field-studies” and submit thesis to get a Ph.D. {Here, IT is cited for illustrative purpose only}.

    Even in this highly civilized, westernized, modernized and elitist society, polity and nation, we have to serve our “bosses” according our hierarchical status. In IT industry, now many cases of sexual harassment, exploitation, and high-class and hi-tech prostitution is coming out. The IT buddies openly accept that wine and sex are not sin. And a stage has come that at least some percentage of Indian women are ready to have sex before marriage without any social stigma, as “chastity” does not make much difference.

    So naturally, Indian print and electronic media come out with such stories, “STAR” group-like channels broadcast such tempting, soliciting and sensual debates with forceful conclusions thrusted on the viewers. Of course, the TV-serials are imbibed with such extra-marital relationships, a woman having more husbands or paramours and vice versa, glorifying and justifying. So kissing in public, drinking and dancing on high-ways, eloping with any girl or boy etc., are not at all unsocial, anti-societal or wrong act. But, coming to “temple-prostitution”, they talk about all sorts of rights, law and justice citing Acts and Rules drawing attention to the Constitution and so on!

    Generalization of single or exceptional case and applying it to whole society is the point made out by Zoya Zaidi. She has simply compiled the material available already and presented with attractive photos. As pointed out the “low-caste” officers (both female and male) of any modern industry or management corporate have to work under and for “high-caste” officers. For increment, better posting or transfer, perks, foreign travel, commission etc., they have to “adjust” with them. This type of “highly institutionalized” corporate prostitution is not talked about, though it has been a fact and slowly affecting Indian society at different levels. The “digital divide” plays more havoc in Indian society, but, Indians may not open mouth or forget as long as they get money from their daughters and sons or wives and husbands.

    Thus, “Devadasi” system is there everywhere. It is there among the “officers of ranks and stripes”, “politicians”, “diplomats and ambassadors”. Only the thing is Zoya like zealots try to zap, zip her hypothesis unzipping other things of her zones and zoom the “chosen”.

    In 2004, a Communist woman of Chennai went to a Tiruvellore village (an outskirt village of Madras) under the guise of studying village-goddesses, met women, elders and others. Then, slowly, she started asking about their practices and asked whether “women associating with temples” had been there! They proudly confessed “yes”, as every year, they celebrate temple festivals with fun and piety. When pressed further, they also accepted that they have “belief” in such a way that they treat “the gods” as their “husbands” and “serve”. Immediately, she started taking video. Ironically, when she interviewed men, they also confessed that they treat “the goddesses” as their “wives” and “serve”. So, her hypothesis was completed.

    She got “what she wanted”! She came out with a CD exposing “the temple-prostitution followed by women” even today there in 21st century metropolitan outskirts dotted with many NRI factories, IT corridors, Technology Parks, 100% EOUs, SPZs and so on. However, she coolly suppressed about the “temple-prostitution” followed by the men! When the village people came to know they were enraged and exposed her trick. She came to “recreation cub of a revenue department” and presented the CD during lunch-hour programme. When some crucial questions were asked by the audience, she could not answer and the secretary of the recreation club tactfully concluded as the time was nearing 2.00 pm!

    So Zaidi can travel through still beautiful roads to reach many such sensual parks and villages where sexual activities are taking place! To put in another way Zaidi can travel in AC car (Car-prostitution has become famous now) beautiful roads (two-three hours travel in four or six-track roads) to reach many such sensual parks (IT) and villages (IT) where sexual activities are taking place (round the clock)! [The IT friends, please no dot get angry with me for giving this example. To drive out the point only, I am giving these details, but they are facts only and verifiable with authorities]. It could be 4,50,000 or 45,00,000 also taking all other categories as mentioned above.

    IT Sex Security Act would be introduced soon just like “the 1934 Devadasi Security Act”, as Supreme Court has already given guidelines about the “sexual harassment” of women at “working places”. Anybody can file report before the National Commission for Women (NCW), say, if a women group comes and files a complaint that they are openly vulgarized by using words describing their “skin colour”, “caste name”, etc., but none would care for, as such type of portrayal has become “part” of Indian print and electronic media. They want only “beautiful girls, ladies and women with white / fair skin” for all ads etc., what type “Temple-prostitution” is this?

    What about such “divine-girls, ladies and women” working everywhere? They may or may not be having children. If they have, they will be grown as “brother / sister’s children”. As they get plenty of money, such “divine-children” are accommodated in residential schools.

    The following hypothesis is generalized one, which has no relevance in the context:

    According to the famous Indian scholar Jogan Shankar, following reasons played a major role in supplanting the system with firm roots:

    1. As a substitute for human sacrifice, being and offering to the gods and goddesses to appease and secure blessings for the community as a whole;

    2. As a rite to ensure the fertility of the land and the increase of human being and animal population;

    3. As a part of phallic worship which existed in India from early Dravidian times;

    4. Probably sacred prostitution sprang from the custom of providing sexual hospitality for strangers;

    5. Licentious worship offered by a people, subservient to a degraded and vested interests of the priestly class; and

    6. To create a custom in order to exploit lower caste people in India by the upper castes and classes.

    I can hypothesize reasons on the same lines. Historically, she has not produced any evidences for the relied upon points, instead, she tries to generalize and focus to a single point.

    Her usage of the word “dalit” in this context is mischievous and meaningless. Ambedkar never used such expression in the Constitution as she tries to imply nor the word appears in the Constitution. The Anjamma and Ashama stories are selective, as she cannot assert that all the 4,50,000 are exactly like this. She cannot prove that the medieval inscripted women were exclusively low-caste.

    Of course, anybody can write poems nowadays, just like painting “gods and goddesses” of one particular in “nude”. In fact, I remember my friend wrote and sent this to Ananta Vikatan when “Hindus sanyasis” were caricatured as “womanizers”, because of “Premandana case” at that time.

    The poem appeared in “Ananta Vikatan” [April 8, 1990, under the caption “VIdhi” (fate)] written by “K. Chandrakala” carrying a caricature of “sanyasi” on the top:

    When I run to escape
    from the rapist,
    entered a temple.
    Oh! Lo,
    There is a Sanyasi!

    So my friend responded as followed in “a secular way” with the caricatures of a Father and Imam above:

    When I run to escape
    from the rapist,
    entered a temple.
    Oh! Lo,
    There is a Sanyasi!
    When I run to escape
    from the rapist,
    entered a Church,
    for asylum.
    Oh! Lo,
    There is a Father!
    When I run to escape
    from the rapist,
    entered a mosque.
    Oh! Lo,
    There is an Imam!

    Thus, her “Devadasi saga” appears to be unnatural in the context and forced upon one. As the poetry-turned prose with some rhyme is accepted as “modern poetry”, anybody can write poems.

    Historically, “temple-prostitution” has been there in every religious group and continues in sophisticated way even today. Simpleton-Hindus blurt out or blabber anything, if they are given some money or mere solace through words. Just like “monologues” turning into “dialogues” for Christian missionaries, these “researchers” try to misinterpret facts and social conditions. As she is from Aligarh, she could have consulted Irfan Habib about “nache girls and women” at dargas and their position. She could have got details about “nunnery” and connected practices (wearing girdle, lock etc).

    So, researchers have to be calm, sensitive and constructive in pointing out “social aberrations” of a “secular society”, as they claim day in and day out in the name of “secularism”. Let them study collectively and try to abolish such practices, instead of accusing selectively one community.

    Remember, prostitutes too have rights – we read last week that the Bengali prostitutes protested symbolically in a candle glowing mid-night procession”. Researchers, writers and historians have to be careful in the context without exceeding the limits of interpretation. Historians claim that they need not be objective in their interpretation, but they deal with such subjective matters, the wholeness has to be viewed and respected, instead of blowing up common social aberrations. As the enacted Acts and Rules do not attract or people do not want to come within their purview, the issue has to be dealt with differently. Any biased, prejudiced or vested interpretation or act would not give correct result.

    – VedaPrakash,
    Institute for the Study of Western Religions
    Chennai, India

  3. Sathish Kumar Says:

    I am quite surprised to read this passage.Do provide some more inforamtion on the same topic.

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